Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Were You Disappointed?

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I'm surprised when people tell me they were disappointed that their Sea Monkeys turned out to be "just brine shrimp." I was not.

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The little book that came with my Sea Monkeys gave me so much fascinating information about the creatures and I was thrilled to be able to take a dry powder, drop it in water and instantly have animals that would grow, change and reproduce.

I also was not disappointed upon discovering that my chicken nuggets wouldn't sing and dance like in the commericals (or scream in pain when I ate them, though that would've been pretty cool), that my Rice Krispies didn't actually have much to say or that mommy couldn't really tell when I was lying. Pretty pleased about that last one actually. How old do you have to be to understand caricature as it's used in advertising mascots?

My only disappointment was in the difficulty I've had in keeping them alive for more than a few months, a difficulty I blame on my brother originally, and the lack of climate control in every home I've ever lived in as an adult for my later failures.

The few months though have always been worth the price of admission. And C'Mon, who out there really expected little monkeys? I hate to make fun of innocence, but anyone THAT "innocent" should maybe have someone helping them with the scissors.


Brian said...

Good post! I agree. I wasn't disappointed at all. In fact, I'm still raising these fascinating creatures 30 years after my first tank!

Love your site...

KLJ said...

Yeah, I still enjoy them as well. I think a good percentage of the market for these creatures is grown up types like us.

Anonymous said...

I'm 10 y.o., and i just purified my water for them. I've had Triops, which I liked, but my mom then killed them, 1/2 on accident, and 1/2 because she thought they were suffering in their little tank. Poor them...