Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Packet 3, Feeding Time

It being day five, I did feed my office pets today. I used a piece of advice I found at sea-monkey.com, but I notice I can no longer find this advice there? Anyway, I used the small end of the feeding spoon, put the food in clean separate container and then mixed it thoroughly with water from the tank. I also could've used some bottled water thus replacing evaporated water and killing two birds with one stone. I save sea monkeys, but I kill bird. Heh? As I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself, I mixed the food and the water thoroughly and then dumped the water back in, which also added oxygen, one more bird dead.


kiny said...

we waited until day five to feed and they all died.

My advice - When your monkey's hatch and are hungry... FEED THEM!

I stirred up the bottom and miraculously we had some new babies appear. I fed them the next day and now we have thriving monkeys.

Thank God - the kids were a bit bummed when they noticed empty tanks.

KLJ said...

That is just weid.
If a bunch of them died at once, something other than starvation was going on.

I've always waited to feed mine and have never had that happened.


Hey, are you gonna send me some pics of your sea monkeys or what?

Thanks for the update.

KLJ said...

Say... Kiny, did you aerate the water in the tank every day during those first five?

kiny said...

aerate? no. I did have the top with holes on it though. Now I spin the tank around once and shake up all the stuff on the bottom once a day. The monkeys love it. They are thriving and happy.

KLJ said...

Yeah. That stirring around will put air in the water. I'm guessing that's what went wrong. especially with young uns, you gotta aerate.