Monday, March 31, 2008

Sea Monkey Costume

This almost disturbing Sea Monkey costume was shared with me via my myspace page. I'm trying to get some more details on it, so check back soon.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Q and A, Sea-Monkey Emergency

"hello-- i am a new sea monkey owner... and i am afraid that my sea monkeys will not be alive much longer. they are moving around slowly, and i see those 'white cottonball things' in the tank which is apparently a bacteria that sea medic can kill. i will be putting my envelope in the mail tomorrow, but i am afraid they will die before i receive sea medic. is there anything i can do to help them out? any home remedies?

how long does it usually take to receive an order from the Sea Monkey company? (Transcience)



My advice for a quick solution is to mix up a new batch of water with the water conditioner (packet 1) and then move your guys into the new container. Some of their old water will come with, and that is fine. Actually the more the better so it's a less extreme move. But it will still be a move, and a reduction in pollutants that they're swimming about in.
This has worked for me and I make these kind of water changes something I do once in a while when I think the water has gotten really bad.
Keep in mind packet 1 does have some eggs in it, so you'll also be adding some new monkeys to the picture.
Do still use the Sea-Medic when it arrives, and consider ordering some extra to have around for such emergencies.
Good luck to you.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Under The Microscope

Be sure to click on the above image to see it in all its glory. What an amazing photo. I found it a great site for microscope photography:

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sea-Monkey Orgies

George at Sea-Monkey HQ shared this inquiry with me:

Hey, my name is Nancy, and I recently got some sea-monkeys. They started mating. Which I turned red face after about a week and a half....noticing they were still attached. My question to you is can they mate with multiples???? The two that was attached...or I say is attached is now adding the 2nd male to the mix. Now I have three attached to each other!!!! Is this normal?? If not what do I do? Thanks in advance for letting me know.

and my reply:

Ha ha. Great letter.
I won't pass judgement as to whether it's "normal" or not, but I see it in my Sea-Monkey tanks, every time.
My curiosity got the better of me and a bit of regrettable research on google (yes, with images) revealed that deer, dogs, and just about every other critter on the planet end up in similar predicaments. When you consider that the male who gets the female has often "earned" that right by kicking a few butts it is quite amusing that another male should jump in just as soon as the alpha male is in a vulnerable position.
On the bright side, your Sea-Monkeys are happy and healthy enough to be doing what healthy, happy animals do. Congratulations.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sea Monkey Diary: A Well Balanced Diet

Here my tank sits on my desk at work, ready to have a bit of water added. In front of it you can see the products that I've used so far (after packets one and two of course) .

On day five I fed my newest batch of Monkeys with Packet #3, good old "Sea-Monkey Growth Food." It doesn't smell yummy to me but this powdered green algae seems to do the monkeys just fine.

Two days later things got exciting! I used some Red-Magic Sea-Monkey Vitamins. Can't ya feel the excitement? The envelope boasts a combination of Vitamins A-B1-B6-B12 and C. Oddly enough, nowhere on the packet does it mention that it will turn your Sea-Monkeys red, but this promise is made on the website and in the handbook. The packet does encourage the use of another product: "Now, with all that extra health, put them in the mood for love and breeding with 'Cupids Arrow' It can turn a Sea-Monkey aquarium into a regular "love boat"!
We'll soon find out.

On day nine I fed the gang some Gro-Kwikly Sea-Monkey Growth Stimulator. My guys may not be professional athletes but that doesn't mean they don't deserve steroids. Maybe someday when I have more time I'll run two tanks, one with and one without the Growth Stimulator.

Day Ten, the Sea Monkeys get Plasma III. This product sometimes labeled as "Packet 4" claims to be "...formulated so that 50% more young Sea Monkeys will grow and thrive in any 'Ocean-Zoo' aquarium." Again, would love to try two tanks. I think I'll hit the Sea Monkey folks up for more information about Plasma III. For now though, I added three scoops (using the big end of the feeding spoon) and will add another scoop every two weeks.

All that I have left is Banana Treat and Cupid's Arrow. Check back to see how I fare with these. I do not have Sea Medic, for sick Sea Monkeys, but will try to get some.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Q and A, My Sea Monkeys have not appeared?

Melissa left the following comment on my last blog post:

Um Hi... My name is Melissa and I just bought sea monkeys... I'm not sure if it worked or not I waiting 24 hours and put the eggs in but nothing's there.... does it take a while to see them??

I replied by e-mail: After 24 hours the Sea Monkeys can be hard to see, but they also can take longer than 14 hours to appear when it's cold out. I've attached a chart that will advise you on how long you might have to wait. If you follow the instructions, wait the time recommended on the chart, and they still don't appear let me know.

Click image to enlarge

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sea Monkey Diary

I've started a new batch of Monkeys at work. This time I have just about every packet you can buy; Packets 1, 2 and 3 as well as Red-Magic Sea-Monkey Vitamins, Gro-Quickly Growth Stimulator, Banana Treat, Plasma III, (which used to be Packet 4) and Cupid's Arrow Sea-Monkey Mating Powder (yes, you read that right) so this should be the best batch ever and I'll have plenty to blog about.

I started today with Packet 1, Water Purifier. I skipped the 24 hour waiting period. (Consider this a BIG spoiler alert) After reading the official patent for Sea Monkeys I realized that the wait is part of the "magic" trick. Now, I love a good magic trick SO if I'm hatchin' a batch with kids I'll wait the 24 hours, but for now, I gave the water purifier a few minutes and then dumped in packet two. It's still a bit cold here so we didn't actually see any little white dots twirling about until about 48 hours later.

I'm aerating the tank every day and my little white dots are growing. I'll feed them for the first time on Monday March 10th.