Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh, My Beloved, My Sea Monkey

This poem has been making the rounds of the Bad Poetry scene. It came to my attention from this website. Enjoy.

Oh, My Beloved, My Sea Monkey
Suspended and freeze-dried in a cozy foil shell,
What dreams do you dream (if you dream),
Pray do tell.

The moment of creation, you awake from the evil spell --
I'd like to be excited, but frankly I can't tell
if you're happy in you're new home or DOA in hell.

Purified and tranquil in the water that you dwell;

How many of your powdered brothers
did I spill outside your plastic vessel?

Low these many days I wait like a sentinel
For you to wear the crown in your little citadel.
My tiny, mucus-like backwash friend,
A brine shrimp without a cocktail.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Abby The Sea Monkey

It's great to get to return to some of the artists I've featured in the past and see new Sea Monkey art work. I was quite surprised to find a third Sea Monkey portrait by Travis Louie on flikr.
Meet Abby. Funny thing, this wonderful painting doesn't appear on Louie's fine website:
Click here for the other Travis Louie Sea Monkey portraits in our virtual gallery.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Chung strikes again

We've seen The Chung's art here before. He gave us the fantastic Sea Monkey Knife Fight. Now comes The Atomic Sea Monkey Elbow Drop! I love Chung's take on Sea Monkeys. If there is ever a Sea Monkey animated show or feature I hope he'll be considered. Check out his website here:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sea Monkey Keeper Helps Animal Shelter

I just came across a great article about a very young Sea Monkey keeper doing some real good in her community...
"Most 10-year-old children seek toys and games for their birthdays, but Hailey Harless of Abingdon, Va., wanted something different this year – a better life for animals.
So for her 10th birthday, Hailey gave her parents a special request – that her party invitations include a note telling her friends and family to bring, instead of gifts, items that can be donated to the Washington County, Va., Animal Shelter.

The family now keeps a menagerie of animals: two dogs, Katy and Shadow; two cats, Max and Hallie; a school of guppies; a hermit crab; and until recently, several snails and sea monkeys. "

And please, support your local animal shelter.