Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mrs. B Illustrations

Mrs. B created this delightful scene of three Sea Monkeys at play near their transparent underwater castle. Check out more of Mrs. B's illustrations at her website HERE.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby Sea Monkeys Not Surving?

Q "My baby sea monkeys are dying. they have mated, the females were pregnant, and have given birth to dozens of babies, they were alive and well last week. but today, i only see a couple, and they are moving around slowly. :( what am i doing wrong? tips, suggestions, comments are all welcomed. thanks!"

I've had this problem myself. My Sea Monkeys mate and of course there is the constant influx of new eggs, I see babies, but the babies don't seem to become adults? Are the adults that are already in the tank cannibalizing the babies? I asked our top Sea Monkey expert George Atamian for his take on this:

A "There are several possible explanations for the disappearance of the babies.

One of the causes is NOT cannibalism because adults don’t eat the young.

The most critical factor is the availability of food for the babies after they hatch.

The food has to be algae that will grow in an optimally acclimatized tank or there has to be sufficient food from #3 pouch.

I suspect that the babies are starving.

Also, if there are more than 15-20 adults in the tank, the babies may have a tough time.

That naturalist in West Virginia who kept his tribe going for 12 years used to keep the populations low by transferring family members to new tanks.

Hope that this helps….G"

It does indeed George. Thanks.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Very Cool T-shirt Surgery

Check out the cool post at live journal by clicking here.

She did a great redux of the classic sea monkey t-shirt.

I love it and I also dig the John and Yoko pic on the wall behind her.