Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Geek Fight!

The person behind "Itsy Bitsy Cutesy Wootsy Sea Dragons" left his comments on my post about same. Then I left my reply to his comments, and it dawned on me, this was probably the geekiest fight since "Who would win in a fight Mighty Mouse or Super Man?"

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Sea Dragons follow up

Well, the Sea Dragons we found being sold in Australia are apparently being made in China, a country well known for it's great respect of patents and copyrights (I will not be held responsible for damage to your sarcasm meter.)

George Artamian writes:
"I first saw these three years ago when I was working with our Korean distributor. He took me to a shop in Seoul where they were being sold. I sent several to Dr. D’Agostino for testing. He said that the salts and food were no good."

Sea Dragons?

You may recall our discovery a while back that a Mexican company was selling a Sea Monkey knock off called Gluppy's. Click here for that story. The Gluppy's folks seemed to have gotten as far as negotiating a deal with McDonalds.
I haven't heard much about Gluupy's lately and I don't see any for sale on Mercado Libre so I'm guessing they are no longer in production. But NOW, along come the Australians, with Sea Dragons.

I have a call in to the Sea Monkeys folks to find out if they know anything about these Dragons. I've also written to my brother, who just happens to live in Australia and I have him ordering a set for me.

One interesting feature of "Sea Dragons" is that they have little pals available! "Teeny Weeny Winkles" (please punish whoever named these guys) are little purple snails that are marketed as perfect tank mates for "Sea Dragons." Hmmm. I would love to have some little purple snails in my Sea Monkey tanks. I hope to experiment with some reef snails from my local aquarium shop soon.

I also see that they're experimenting with sea weed. It'll be interesting to see where that goes.