Friday, December 7, 2007

Sea Dragons?

You may recall our discovery a while back that a Mexican company was selling a Sea Monkey knock off called Gluppy's. Click here for that story. The Gluppy's folks seemed to have gotten as far as negotiating a deal with McDonalds.
I haven't heard much about Gluupy's lately and I don't see any for sale on Mercado Libre so I'm guessing they are no longer in production. But NOW, along come the Australians, with Sea Dragons.

I have a call in to the Sea Monkeys folks to find out if they know anything about these Dragons. I've also written to my brother, who just happens to live in Australia and I have him ordering a set for me.

One interesting feature of "Sea Dragons" is that they have little pals available! "Teeny Weeny Winkles" (please punish whoever named these guys) are little purple snails that are marketed as perfect tank mates for "Sea Dragons." Hmmm. I would love to have some little purple snails in my Sea Monkey tanks. I hope to experiment with some reef snails from my local aquarium shop soon.

I also see that they're experimenting with sea weed. It'll be interesting to see where that goes.


Instant life is cool said...

Hi Sea monkey Geek

There seems to be some confusion about my product.

Itsy Bitsy Sea Dragons.

and another product that has supposedly been sold in Korea.
Itsy Bitsy Sea Dragons are made, owned and manufactured in Australia. They are a different sp to sea monkeys (Artemia NYOS) Sea Dragons are (Parartemia australiensis) and so are not sea monkeys. They have never been sold as Sea monkeys and never will. I like to think I’m a more imaginative and creative type to just make a knock off an old product.

Are you an expert in patent and copyrite law? ;)

Also I can guarantee that no parts are made in china and I would be interested to know if most of the sea monkey plastic tanks and final packaging is.

We have a license to display the Australian made logo which is only allowed to be put on ‘Australian made and manufactures produce’. There are hefty fines for a breach in this contract so this should be your proof of fact.
Because we manufacture from local materials, our profit margins are very low and I do what I do for the love and interest in these amazing little creatures and for the pleasure that it creates for adults and kids that keep them.

Little Aussie Products originally came into existence when we developed out highly successful product Billabong Bugs (an Aussie Triops kit) back in 2004. Our Itsy Bitsy Sea Dragons have been available for abut one year now and is the newest critter in our product range. The design and concept was originally meant for the Aussie market but we have had so many enquires world wide that we now sell them internationally as well.

I feel the marketing motivations are different for sea monkeys and sea dragons.

Sea monkeys use high end plastic tank design and artwork to create its seasonal product variation. I am more interested in creating a tiny easily maintained ecosystem, eventually composed of a wide variety of interesting and hardy animals that are either desiccation resistant in the form of eggs or the adult animals ability to undergo aestivation. You will be amazed at the animals that I’m experimenting with at the moment, some of them tiny little ball shaped creatures that I will soon ad to the list of creatures available, the little ball creatures will be called 'sea bubbles', others that look like little clams and a variety of snails that will help to create an interesting 'sea theme'. I’ve travelled to some amazing places around Australia in the search for these creatures. Currently I have about one and a half tons of dirt samples from the salt lakes and claypans and I’m always amazed at the new and different creatures that spring to life when a sample of the dirt is placed in water.

Its really important to enphasis that I don’t want to compete with sea monkeys so there should be no feelings of threat. On the contrary, I would like to think that what I do is complimentary to sea monkeys. Indeed many of the creatures that I am working with are very compatible with artemia or seamonkeys - such as the winkles.

So you don’t like the name Teeny Weeny Winkles hey? That’s Ok.
What would you like to call them?
Perhaps - Boring scientificus? ;)

Seriously tho, So many people tell me they love the name. They think it’s cute and is a strong motivator to purchase some. Don’t forget that the name sea monkeys is poo-hooed my so many synic's these days as well. ;)
But honestly, I think sea monkeys are a cool name. Go Harold Von braunhut for coming up with such a groovy name.

Any way, you’ve got a good site and although you are a directly sponsored by the sea monkey people and therby maybe just a little biased,;) I do hope you do the right thing and help to dispel a few myths. After all the net is full of misinformation and you do have to wonder why. Ps If you would like me to provide you with updates about new items being added to the SeaDragons range I’m happy to do so.
Kind regards John Bodman

KLJ said...

Egads, if I'd known there was an "Itsy bitsy" in their name I'd have complained as much about their moniker as a I did about them Teeny Weeny Winkles.

Nope. I'm not expert in patent and copyright law. I do know that your product IS sea monkeys, with a few minor tweaks. Lets not kid ourselves here, there's nothing original in this product.

As for my bias. Sure, I don't hide it. But I was a fan long before I got the sponsorship. I was blogging at my personal blog about my sea monkeys long before I got the sponsorship. I was and am a fan of a truly unique and original idea (both the product AND it's marketing.)

By the way, you do know that your website has "Sea Monkey" in it's title right?
"Sea monkeys: The Little Aussie, Itsy Bitsy Sea Dragons: The Official Site." That's the title of your site. Now, tell me how original you are again.

Vivien said...

Well, although "Sea Monkeys" were the first to market brine shrimp as pets, it doesn't give the company the exclusive rights to sell them. The original patent (if there was one) must have expired years ago. Many products that we use today were born from the ideas of other, older companies (zippers for example). And besides, "Sea Monkeys" didn't discover nor create brine shrimp; brine shrimp and/or live brine shrimp are sold by many companies that have not been influenced by the company that made sea monkeys.

It is very possible that the makers of sea dragons were influenced by sea monkey products, such as the air pump. But from pictures, they seem to be another strain of artemia. Their bodies are much paler and they do not usually have the colored spine that many sea monkeys have.

So, although the product is similar, there's no reason to be bitter toward sea dragons. Ideas are often tweaked and and formed into new ideas; that's how we get product variation. Personally, I love sea monkeys, and I am going to get some sea dragons as well, because I like their pale color and aesthetically pleasing tank decorations. :)

KLJ said...

I can tell by your hilarious post that you are in no way affiliated with Sea Dragons, and are completely impartial in every way.

(Oh, and isn't it great that in John Bodman's original comment, the one where he doesn't call himself Vivien, he calls himself "instant life is cool"? See "instant life" is a term used by the original Sea Monkeys. This product is the very definition of a lame knock off.)

Vivien said...

Uh... well, if you think I am John Bodman, there's no way I can prove to you that I'm not. Hey, I see where you're coming from when you speak against the Sea Dragons. I have loved Sea Monkeys for quite a while (I don't have a set yet since I'm so busy right now) starting from when I began to keep some feeder brine shrimp as pets. And when I saw sea dragons, I thought, this is the same thing as Sea Monkeys!

But then again, how many more ways can you market brine shrimp as pets? The company probably got some ideas from the Sea Monkey company, but is that really that bad? They offers some stuff we wouldn't be able to get from Sea Monkey sets, like the snails. Besides, pretty much everything we buy is not made by the original company who thought of the idea. So yea, other companies developing older ideas happens all the time, and it might take part of the market, so it isn't good for the original company, but it does offer consumers more choices. Since you have been a fan of the original Sea Monkeys for a long time, you must not to like the Sea Dragons. But hey, they offer those purple snails you can get to clean your tank.

Besides, I've always thought of knockoffs as something that is blatantly product/trademark plagiarism. Like those Sailor Moon toy knockoffs that market her as "Sailor Anne" that look exactly the same as Sailor Moon. I mean, they obviously didn't think of a character that just happened to look exactly like Sailor Moon. But with brine shrimp... it wasn't a person that made them, so Sea Monkeys can't take credit for "making brine shrimp." It was very creative to market them as pets, but there's no restriction now saying others can't also do it.

And dude, you need to appreciate their mermaid decorations. I saw them, and thought "HOLY CRAP, you can see her nipples! And this is supposed to be for kids!" But hey, she's hot. Now you can look in wonder at your swimming sea monkeys AND appreciate the hotness of a woman-fish hybrid. It's not all so bad...

KLJ said...

I'm more convinced then ever that you are affiliated with John and with Sea Dragons, which are sea monkeys, even by their own descriptions.
Knock off, mermaid nipples not withstanding.

Vivien said...

Isn't John Bodman in Australia? Well, whatever. I still say that you can't really "knock off" an animal.

I mean, what if you heard someone say, "Dude, your cat is a knock off of the real company that makes cats!"

KLJ said...

If this was just a matter of an animal, there'd be no patent. In fact aquariums all over the country sell brine shrimp and brine shrimp eggs, even brine shrimp hatcheries. This is a marketing approach which is a total knock off.
Sea Monkeys vs. Sea Dragons, "Instant Life", three envelopes, it's all the same damn thing.

So Vivien, you bit of fiction you, how'd you come across this article? How'd you come to be familiar with Sea Dragons? What part of the world do you hail from?

Vivien said...

Just a bio student who likes Sea Monkeys because they're awesome. Anyways, I'll say that Sea Dragons could definitely be more original (some things are probably taken from Sea Monkeys), but there's not much that can be done if they want to market their product. Besides, it makes sense to have three packets... unless you combined the salt and the eggs, but who knows how well that would work.

That's what I mean when I say it's not a knockoff. Knockoffs look exactly like the original product, even the company logo, and try to fool you into thinking your getting something legit. And you do, until you open up the package and actually use it. So, you know you're getting something different if you buy Sea Dragons... (or those Gluppys) so it's like they're trying to fool anyone with a knockoff.

KLJ said...

I don't believe you that you're not affiliated with the Itsy Bitsy, Ootsy wootsy Sea Dragon company. I mean, I've had this blog for quit a while and never heard from you before.

I'm kind of done tossing around the same argument over and over.

Vivine said...

Alright, fair enough.

Well, I just got into Sea Monkeys recently when we experimented with brine shrimp in my marine bio course (it was not a pretty one, unfortunately). So I started keeping some for fun.

Sea Monkeys are on sale at by the way. Two pack for $3.99. Shipping is a bit much, but since SM don't weigh much, it costs the same to ship 1 or 10. Also, if you manage to get $75 worth of them, they give you $20 off.

It's a good deal, but I just don't know what I would do with so many Sea Monkey packs... Just putting it out there in case you find some use with the sale.

Vivien said...

Nevermind about the $20 off $75 bit; it expired.


But then again, 40 packs of Sea Monkeys is quite alot.

Unknown said...

Hi, I've been reading ur blog since last year but nvr commented. Sea dragons technically would be more interesting than sea monkeys. However I feel that sea dragons are seriously unoriginal. Ok cya!

P.s Gluppys are really really lame.

Stephen said...

intresting argument here. i stumbled upon this post here a few minutes ago in a sea dragon search, sea dragons i stumbles upon a bit earlier in an ebay search for seamonkeys.

my point of view is that the sea dragons are pretty much a copy and are sucking on sea monkeys sucess. however, what i gathered from 'instant life is cool'/vivien post, it sounds like the new approach they are taken is quite cool. i guess i imagine that the sea dragons themselves were a copy, but perhaps the creator was thinking about seamonkeys one day and thought "hmm, wouldn't it be cool if i could throw these seamonkeys and a bucnh of other teeny critters together?". it seems like that's the idea, and i think its a good one. so when you look at them as a whole, its not really a ripoff, but perhaps the seadragon product on it's own is.

anyways, i want to start a family of seamonkeys/seadragons along with these wrinkle things. now that i know of this seadragon variety, can somone tell me which i should go with? i have even considered just getting normal brine shrimp of some sort, would those still be compatible with the wrinkles?

and if the "instant life is cool" guy is still kicking around here, can you tell me when the bubble things will be available and if they are only compatible with the sea dragons?


Sea Monkey Geek said...

I deleted your last two comments.
This is not a place for you to get free advertising/spamming rights for your products.
Please know that I will delete all future comments that have that spammy smell about them.

Gary said...

I'm liking this geek-war, lots of fun. :)

Well I found this when searching for information about the Teeny Weeny Winkles. I think they sound cool, and I'm looking forward to getting some for my tank.

FYI: I have sea monkeys, and I also have some brine shrimp for feeding to fish. I keep my sea monkeys in a small tank with a pump that puts a small amount of oxygen into the water at regular intervals. Seems to be very succesful and I enjoy watching them.

I live in a small apartment in London which doesn't allow pets, except for fish, or small enclosed creatures such as stick insects. As kids we had sea monkeys and I thought I'd give them a try again.

My opinion is that the itsy bitsy sea dragons are probably copying sea monkeys in the idea, but then again does that really matter? Good ideas are always copied and sometimes modified. That's what keeps ideas fresh.

I'm also hoping to get some triops, just for a change. I've heard that the tanks can get a bit smelly though so I have to look into this a bit more.

I really like the idea of having more than one thing in a tank. So having the sea monkeys and the snails in the one tank would be great. Having other creatures in the same tank would be even better. I imagine a well lit tank with lots of creatures living together, it's own micro-system. You could watch it for hours.

I can't sea the sea dragons company competing with sea monkeys. After all, sea monkeys have been around for a long time and we all grew up with them. The sea monkeys (I presume) are sold and marketed by a large company with the finance behind it to continue. The sea dragons are a small company run by one person (from the sounds of his message). It'll not be easy for a small company to take over from the large company. Sure he might take some of the Australian market, but that's about it. Enough to keep him in business I hope, but not enough to affect Sea Monkeys company.

I think John Bodman should concentrate on his eco-system theme, that's where I think he'll do the best. He may sell a sea monkey equivelent, but I think people are more interested in the ecosystem idea. They'll want the snails, the brine shrimp, the sea bubbles and all the other things he mentions. I'd love to add those things to my tank of sea monkeys.

Good luck to John, and may the sea monkeys and other ideas continue for a long time. They are a great educational product for kids and adults. They are great in the office, and they are great at home.

Anonymous said...

itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot brine gluppys. WHO CARES! A guy finds a way to market pet store feeders and gains a cult following is ingenious! Kinda like people buy feeder gold fish 10 for $1 but once they get a foot long you pay $350 and call em Koi. I'd kill for an idea like that. But in the meantime, I'll stick raising my instant life pets from the pet store pack and some sea salt. Honestly, who needs all the marketing hype. I only say this until i hatch my new marketing team in the next briny batch tho ;)

Sea Monkey Geek said...

Feeder gold fish aka comets, are not koi.
Comets do not turn into koi.
Know it all types rarely do.

Marcus said...

Hi there, I do not quite understand why this debate has become so unfriendly.

I met John at his Yahoogroup and now set up a phpbb3-forum- so yes, I am affiliated in a way. I state this so it will be clear right away, but I do hope I can join the discussion relativly unbiased (and without getting censored right away) :-)

I do enjoy Johns products and I have also been reading this blog once in a while.

Surely the Sea-Dragons themselves are not original, but the patent on seamonkeys is greatly overrated in my oppinion.
The "nyos" and the way kids get the illusion of instant life via coloring since pack one allready contains eggs is another topic.

Before starting another sub-debate about who is less original here, I just wanted to say that I got my first artemia from the petstore and some from magazines here in germany.
Here "Urzeitkrebse" and chineese products have had more success then the seamonkeys who started it all. Different terms and advertising just have different effects in other countries I suppose. They also include three or two bags, and actually seamonkeys have never been known as well here at all.

So maybee I just dont get the whole hype. Before visiting the USA a little longer and buying old comics from a small store I never heard of them.

The reason I got some artemia again is because I stumbled accross the winkles. While the artemia themselves are nothing new and it may just be a rip-off, the winkles, seabubbles and other new animals add a whole new direction to the hobby.
Its somewhat closing the gap between the toy-artemia and people who would like a more complex but yet easy to handle aquarium.
Seamonkeys, or the Urzeitkrebse here have remained the same for year after year, just a few new gimicks. So no, I do not see anything wrong with the Sea-Dragon atempt. While selling artemia is nothing original, the whole rest is. And the name discussion is just funny.
Keep in mind that these products go out to kids mostly, so the name is just as random as the term "monkeys". Since I grew up in germany, I think both names are wierd.
But I neither complain about Seamonkeys nor Whoppers nor Floppydisk.

Anyway, keep up your interesting blog, and good luck with all your artemia :-)

Feel free to edit or remove any parts of my post, and if you require some ID let me know. If you check the origin of the IP Adress region it will most likely show germany though.

All this discussion really took the fun out of the subject, and I really do not understand if you or John just had a bad day.


Sea Monkey Geek said...

I think the fun in this thread died around the time John started making up fake identities to post with. He expects me to buy that this topic, unlike any other that I've posted attracts long winded amazingly similar missives and I don't buy it.

Marcus said...

I think it is rather rude accusing this out of the blue, not only to john but also to Vivien.

The lack of spelling errors alone compared to John's posts should be circumstantial evidence ;-)

(Sorry John, hehe! Not that I am any better...)

But seems as it is a lost case as you seem to have some personal problem with him.
I did not mean to heat this up again, but could not resist to post my two cents after reading through this discussion, as I simply do not understand why you get so upset about yet another artemia-kit.

think you're all really lame. said...

You are all very funny. Get over it. Both companies make money off of both products so who really cares?
Cry me a river.

lurking said...

lol was doing some research and found this, chill the end, who cares? lol, as a consumer, im just happy that the eggs hatched and i can see things swimming in the tank--be it sea monkeys or sea dragons. peace.

Rose said...

Dude...seriously, chill out. I was researching sea dragons and stumbled across your extremely rude approach of "protecting the patent on BRINE SHRIMP." I'm sorry, my first pack of brine shrimp came with a microscope kit for crying out loud, not from sea monkeys. I got sea monkeys later, but had never even heard of them before that. Of course, that was several years ago as I'm now 20, but still, you need to lay off. I think this guy's ideas for sea dragons are way cooler because I'd rather have a sea habitat than a couple little brine shrimp swimming around a huge tank. God, I bet you went nuts when you heard about "The Swarm!" Chill...Oh, wait, I bet you'll say I'm affiliated with them or something...get over yourself, your sponsorship, and your product.

Rose said...

Oh, and I just want you to know that the fact that you're so rude to these people and also spronsored by the people who make sea monkeys has made me reconsider buying sea monkeys in the near future. I think I'm going to get triops or sea dragons instead.

KLJ said...

I love when someone tells me to chill and then goes on a tirade. Thanks for the giggle.
Bye bye.
Sincerely and calmly,

Zack Smith said...

Wow, Keith.
Get a life!
Bodman has a right to sell Itsy Bitsy Sea Dragons. "Instant life" is not trademarked to Sea Monkeys, in fact, the very phrase, "Instant Life", does not appear anywhere on their front page. Yes, I checked. The artwork advertising "Sea Dragons" does, in no way, resemble "Sea Monkeys". Keith, read Stephen's and Gary's comments. So what if the idea for Sea Dragons came from "Sea Monkeys"? If the man that invented the wheel did not let other people use his invention, then where would we be now? Yes, there are flashes of insight, "Eureka moments", but all "original" ideas are not truely so. We must share scientific knowledge. I will bet my fortune that no invention in the past 2009 years has been completely original. Each and every invention has been based on previous discoveries. If Galileo, did not share, where would Newton be? If Franklin did not share what electricity was, you think Edison would be so prestigious? NO! We do not live long enough, nor do we have the ingenuity of others, nor the insight, or even the pattern of thought, to create new things, new creatures, new inventions. If we did, we would be God. Back off, kay, Keith? I hope John Bodman continues, even expands in his intriguing ideas.

KLJ said...

I find it hilarious that you would tell someone calling himself The Sea Monkey Geek to get a life. Why the hell would I do that?! If I had a life I wouldn't be the Sea Monkey Geek!
It is also riotously funny to me that someone calling himself The Sea Monkey Geek should be anything but offended at a Sea Monkey knock off.
John Bodman (who is most likely you, since all the replies on this post come from people whose profiles are mostly blank) is fine to market all his "innovations." I think the snails and such are really cool. But the "Itsy Bitsy sea Dragons" are Sea Monkey rip offs, nothing more.

Zack Smith said...

Oh really? I'd reconsider.

Ryan said...

Sea dragons are a rip-off,but a good rip off. They are the same as sea monkeys except for the innovation of adding other critters. I think that sea monkeys should try that too. I would buy The "tank-mates" for the sea dragons,but it'd be hard to go through the process of importing them and all.

Jessica said...

I live in an apartment and can't have a cat or dog, so I've been thinking about getting Sea Monkeys. I have been doing a lot of internet research. Along the way I came across your blog and also the Sea Dragons website in Australia. I can totally understand your and Transcience's indignation at the mere existence of Mr. Bodman's product. It's obvious at first glance that he has taken the Sea Monkey concept and made it his own. Transcience as the primary brine shrimp pet marketer, and you as the sponsored affiliate, have no other option but to be annoyed and irritated that what you view as the "purity" of Sea Monkeys has been infringed upon. And John Bodman's seemingly flippant behavior I'm sure is not helping at all.

However, as others have pointed out, Bodman has clearly gone off in another direction, and to be quite honest, he offers many things that the original Sea Monkey company doesn't. I was all set to order some Sea Monkey products direct from the website, but when I found out that I had to mail in my order and wait weeks afterwards, I immediately closed the page and looked on If Transcience starts offering the mini snails, ferns, or other creatures that you can get from Australia, I think a lot of people would be interested, including myself! But they seem stuck doing business as usual… the same way since the 1960's.

We live in a new worldview now… consumers and kids are smarter, more eco-aware, and the direction of John Bodman in creating a mini-ecosystem is appealing to many-- hence the success of his small company. Transcience is coasting on its large empire, but eventually it will have to change. I think that there are a lot of other people out there who can't commit to a true fish aquarium, but would want to learn how to take care of something small but fascinating. It would be great to see Transcience take advantage of this and update their product, but it doesn't look like they are going to at any time in the near future.

I am not ordering from Bodman, although if I lived in AUS I think that I would be very tempted. I am not ordering Sea Monkeys either. I've decided to do it DIY style and get supplies from an aquarium store and a nice glass container.

Sorry if this is long, just my opinion. Not affiliated with anybody. I am a real person with a blogger profile to boot!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I agree with John Bodman. They ARE a different kind of shrimp that is bigger, lives longer and is easer to care for. They also don't lie to you. Sea monkeys does.... in packet #1 there are eggs in it! And their food is yeast and algee mixed together! Ok, if you think sea monkeys are so nice, look at this:

Anonymous said...

Sea Dragons aren't the very same as Sea Monkeys. Sea Monkeys were my first 'instant pet'. Now I am raising Triops, and have looked on the internet for information about these types of pets and found the Website for Sea Dragons.
I don't think there is any sort of competition.
I would buy almost any of the quick hatching pets.
I thought 'Teeny Weeny Winkles' made a cute name for the 'tank mates'.
If someone can take an idea and make it better, by the rules, go ahead.
Though I am surprised how many people out there bash each other over this.
If Sea Monkeys and Sea Dragons can get along well together in the same tank, then why don't we all get along? (Rhetorical question.)
Thank you, and good day!

Josh D said...

I don't personally care if they're knock offs or not. They're all frickin cool. But, the people saying that we'd be nowhere without using other people's ideas to enhance other ideas are right.

The very first home video game console, Oddesy was original, but then came other supposed knock offs. Like the Atari, Coleco, and Intellivision. Now there's the 360, PS3, and Wii. Of course no one's complaining that they're all knock offs of eachother now are they?

Anonymous said...

I have sea monkeys with my little Aussie sea dragons, and they are different. Sea dragons are bigger. Also in that tank, there are little aussie bubbles, winkles, puggles, coco snails, blueberry snails (not out yet), and gravel turning snails ( not out yet) and they get along fine.

KLJ said...

There is almost nothing online about these Sea Dragons outside of the site selling 'em and yet I just pile up the comments on this subject as if it's the most hot button topic of the day. Suspicious...

Anonymous said...

Uh dude you need to get out more, and chill you get mad because there's a product similar to sea monkeys in really dude chill out

KLJ said...

Who's mad? I think they're lame but there's far more serious things in the world for one to get mad about. Any anger here would be your projection. I'm in a position to write my opinions, positive or negative of all things Sea Monkey related. When I think something sucks it is surely not enough to move me to anger. What a preposterous thought.
I am amused at all fake profiles for comments from the same person though, greatly.

Zmurder said...

Um...Does it bother anyone that the guy who invented seamonkeys was a white supremacist?

The Seavy Clan said...

Dude, I was searching for sea monkeys online and wiki had info on IT about the sea dragons [but called them the scientific name] so what's REALLY odd, is the sea monkey search didn't give me your blog, it was the search for "itsy bitsy sea dragons" that landed me here. And I agree, the mere idea of having things called dragons, monkeys, bubbles, winkles etc. is fantastic!! I want them all! I'm currently waiting for my 4 year old's to "hatch" since we got a cheap kit from walmart yesterday. REALLY cheap! I feel like the plastic is going to tear like paper when I pick it up. But, for 5 bucks, I guess you get what you pay for. Anyway, I'm a real person, not affiliated with anything or body, and your blog is very easy to come across, so your argument all critics being impostors, just aint true.
THANK YOU to those that said there ARE eggs in the 1st packet!!! I thought that was the case! When I was 8 I thought I was crazy. Wow, I'm SO glad to hear that... but at the time... why lie? My best friend and I thought we had "contaminated" the water some how, and were very upset. Geez... there should be a parental disclaimer. Other than that... I love sea... creatures, be they monkeys or dragons or elephants and giraffes.

SeaHuman said...


Just stumbled upon this hilarious argument.

Is it true that sea dragons stay whiter? I find my adult sea monkeys, which are mating nonstop, sort of disgusting with their spines and egg sacs and whatnot. I want that red sea monkey food but they don't sell it in stores and I don't feel like ordering it.

I love the idea of putting other sea creatures in with my sea monkeys. I wish they sold those ones in stores, especially sea bubbles.

Why do sea monkeys die all the time at first? All but two of mine died within a week. The two that lived were females, so now I have lots of them, but still. If I were a kid, I might have given up.

Also, when I has sea monkeys as a boy it was a rigid plastic tank with little magnifying circles. Now it's flimsy plastic so I have to be really careful when I show people and not let them take it. The stand barely stays on. What gives?

Anyway, I love my sea monkeys. I barely have to do anything and they look like eyelashes. And I get to prove that they're real. A lot of adults think it's a fake/non-living pet situation.

Sea Monkey Geek: good luck thwarting the conspiracy.

Conspirators: good luck conspiring.

Jawaan said...

Wow, never saw such a long running, pointless arguement. This site is one of the first to appear when looking for sea monkeys on search which wasn't hard to find. Everyone tried to discuss their points maturely, you got up in arms, defensive, and accusing all the commenters of being the same guy? Pretty pathetic, sometimes just accepting something which has been explained rationally is better than being stubborn, and looking like well, a complete dick.

KLJ said...

You're going to lecture me on how to conduct myself in a conversation and then you stoop to childish name-calling?
Sorry but I do find it very suspect that this one subject should have 42 comments, many of the early ones from fake ID's that go to non-existent accounts, while most of the posts have two or three if any. If you can suggest why this might be, I'm open to hearing it.

Anonymous said...

OMG <3ing this conversation :-) You guys have me pissing myself laughing.

SeaQueen said...

I love sea monkeys, dragons, bubbles and whatnot. But I think I love this conversation more. Oh! Nice sarcasm going on :D

Anonymous said...

i just want to say- seriously? i think we all need to grow up a little bit and move on. Sea dragons may be similar to Sea monkeys, but i for one am glad that we have a product manufactured by Australians that can stand up to American products in the global market. Both creatures sound as similar to each other as a horse is to a cow, or a dog to a cat. It is up to us as consumers to decide which is better- arguing will not accomplish anything. Just keep on bettering your own product, as i am liking the sound of the Sea Bubbles and the Winkles ;)

Anonymous said...

years later...
people are still being trolled that a grown up could be so immature.

Annoyed said...

Above the patent issue is the integrity issue. Little Aussie Product orders are not delivered or arrive dead. There is no correspondence until an order is cancelled, then there is abuse and lies. The owner is dodgy enough to leave false reviews about his product and delete bad reviews. THAT is what convinced me to snail mail Sea Monkeys. Prepared to be flamed, but will stand firm on these statements.

B. Stark said...
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B. Stark said...

" i for one am glad that we have a product manufactured by Australians that can stand up to American products in the global market"
...Sea monkeys. Thanks Australia, for contributing to the global market.

Denise Carr said...

I have had sea monkey when I was a little girl. My dad would order them from a magazine and my sister and I loved watching them grow. Now that I am a lot lose I decided to tell my 8 kids about them and bought a few packs of them for my kids to have the same enjoyment that I had when I was a little girl. Then I seem the sea dragons at the store and I bought some of them too. They were around $20. Each pack but you know what. It is the enjoyment that my family and I have watching them swim around and growing bigger and doing little tricks Told my friends and workers about them. They thought I was nuts. Until I showed them to them They all want to buy some. Even my grand baby got a goal in hockey so he dad would buy her sea monkeys. Thank you so much for giving us the joy of watching them grow up and being with my BIG family. Can't wait till the sea bubbles come to our stores in St. Catharines Ontario. Cause I will be buying them too. Thanks again.

Holly Brown said...

Brine shrimp can be sold at any pet store and called just about anything. I suppose the first person to sell a German Shepherd after their original breeder was marketing a knockoff as well? No one owns rights to the animals put on this earth for everyone to enjoy. So Sea Monkeys became beloved in the US and now Australia has a version of brine shrimp available for their youngsters. More happy brine shrimp and more happy kids. I don't see the problem here. It seems to me, Sea Monkey Geek, that you are more fond of the marketing gimmicks and the name Sea Monkeys than of the actual animal itself, otherwise, what it was called wouldn't really matter. To me, that sounds like horrible pet ownership. Anyone that cares more for a name, money, fame, brand, etc, than the animal itself should not sell or own any animal. To be quite honest, the Sea Monkeys brand seems to have waaaay more gimmicks than Sea Dragons. Many children have been disappointed by the elaborate advertising of Sea Monkeys that gives a false impression as to what the animal actually is. Brine shrimp look nothing like monkeys, nor do they look anything like the images on the Sea Monkeys packaging. Sea Monkeys made most of it money on gimmicks honestly. Brine shrimp do remotely look like tiny sea dragons and to me the art work on the Sea Dragons label is much closer to representing the true appearance of brine shrimp. All in all I'd have to say that Sea Dragons actually seems less gimmicky in its marketing of brine shrimp as pets. I honestly want to buy some for my little girl. The fact that they also sell "tank mates" like snails and other little creatures that help make a full tiny habitat is an added bonus. They also sell sea weed to help make the tank more pleasing and comfortable for the shrimp and other aquatic critters. Most of the Sea Monkeys sets that I have seen are pretty bare bones and don't seem the least bit directed toward trying to provide a natural, happy habitat for the brine shrimp. The Sea Monkey sets come with little castles and space ships and other gimmicks that are fun for kids, but not necessarily great for the shrimp. One piece of advice I have for Sea Monkeys and Sea Dragons is to list the scientific name of your animals. Display the species and information about them. Its hard to buy an animal as a responsible pet owner, if you don't know what kind of animal it is and can't look up information on what it likes to eat or what kind of conditions it naturally prefers to live in. I've spent a few hours trying to find out exactly what kind of snail Teeny Weeny Winkies are and just discovered what species of brine shrimp Sea Dragons are via the response to this blog. I do think I will be buying some Sea Dragons soon along with their Teeny Weenie pals. :)

Anonymous said...

It is not a knockoff! I currently have 2 triops, and was considering buying sea monkeys, but now I am never going to because of this stupid argument.
They are not copying! case closed! the sea dragons are a different type of shrimp that is bigger and lives longer. But, the best insta pet, in my opinion, is triops. sea monkeys, shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mr.triops said...

I love triops the most, but I have to say, sea monkeys are wrong to say this is copying.
I have had sea monkeys and sea dragons,and the are compleatly different. I like the sea dragons more, but to settle this argument, the best insta pet is:TRIOPS!!!!