Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Geek Fight!

The person behind "Itsy Bitsy Cutesy Wootsy Sea Dragons" left his comments on my post about same. Then I left my reply to his comments, and it dawned on me, this was probably the geekiest fight since "Who would win in a fight Mighty Mouse or Super Man?"

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Instant life is cool said...

Hey SeaMonkey Geek

Geek Wars hey?

Well just give me a second to take off these black-rimmed glasses and put them in my shirt pocket befor we begin. :)

John Bodman

Stephen said...

should i get sea monkeys or sea dragons. i don't really care if the dragons are a ripoff but which is better to raise?

and john bodman, when will those bubble things be available and are they compatible with seamonkeys as well as sea dragons?

KLJ said...

When I hatch a batch of Sea Monkeys I know that I'm a new link in a chain that started in the pages of some of the earliest comic books.
I love comic books.
I love Americana.
I love retro-Americana.
I love Sea Monkeys.