Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sea Monkey Evolution Hi-Jinx

A very funny discussion of Sea Monkey Evolution at www.fairyshrimps.com.

The Post "Why did Sea-Monkeys go from living jungles back to living in the sea?

Was this because the only other mammals in the oceans were whales and dolphins… Or was this an evolutionary step, and the result of the introduction of some new predator on land?

Simply fascinating creatures."

brought the comment:

"Ah, you’ve fallen for the common mis-conception about so-called "sea-monkeys", because of their silly name. This is extraordinarily irritating to those of us who have a bit of biology, because, of course, they’re not monkeys at all, but are actually New World Apes (not to be confused with the Old World Apes like Baboons and some Europeans) which have returned to the ocean. The history behind this is fascinating and little-known (at least until my forthcoming blockbuster book/movie comes out, co-authored by, and starring, Sarah Palin, next year) – it seems that when the Central American isthmus arose thousands of years ago, connecting North and South America and exposing the great, peaceful South American Empire of the Last Dinosaurs to the depradations of the vicious herds of giant carnivorous sloths and tapirs that roamed the great plains of North America, the defenders of the huge but placid Ceratosaurs, the great, intelligent New World Apes known as the Howling Spider Apes, which defended the Empire with their paleolithic axes and laser guns were driven into the sea while fighting their untimately doomed battle to preserve their way of life and their lovable masters, to whom they had pledged their lives and their sacred honor in a moving ceremony commemorated and memorialized in the fantastic stone carvings on the ziggurat of Micchu Moucchu found in the 17th century deep in the jungles of Patagonia and from which Thomas Jefferson drew much of his inspiration for the Declaration of Independence, and were forced to develop gills using their advanced biomolecular cloning techniques to survive, simultaneously growing smaller to escape the attentions of the terrible Antedeluvian Period predators such as the Great Killer Whale Shark, which roamed the waters of the southern North Atlantic in huge swarms, devouring anything bigger than a small tuna or caped cod which happened to carelessly get in their way, but which are now no more than a memory after the terrible Shark Flu epidemic of 731 BC which was caused when a flock of Passenger Pigeons (which were riding on the backs of a remnant, but overloaded, herd of Quetzalcoatlus for their semi-annual migration to their wintering grounds in what is now known as Upper Volta) fell into the sea and were messily devoured, infecting the sharks with their particularly virulent variety of Bird Flu that spread from shark to shark due to their rabies-like reaction to being infected until they were extincted to the last fish, but leaving the now-tiny Sea-Monkeys (as they became known to the first protohumans which timidly left their sea-side trees to watch the "Sea-Monkeys" frolicking in the Atlantic surf).
I hope that this answers your question sufficiently thoroughly. We aim to please."

Ha ha. Great stuff.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh, My Beloved, My Sea Monkey

This poem has been making the rounds of the Bad Poetry scene. It came to my attention from this website. Enjoy.

Oh, My Beloved, My Sea Monkey
Suspended and freeze-dried in a cozy foil shell,
What dreams do you dream (if you dream),
Pray do tell.

The moment of creation, you awake from the evil spell --
I'd like to be excited, but frankly I can't tell
if you're happy in you're new home or DOA in hell.

Purified and tranquil in the water that you dwell;

How many of your powdered brothers
did I spill outside your plastic vessel?

Low these many days I wait like a sentinel
For you to wear the crown in your little citadel.
My tiny, mucus-like backwash friend,
A brine shrimp without a cocktail.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Abby The Sea Monkey

It's great to get to return to some of the artists I've featured in the past and see new Sea Monkey art work. I was quite surprised to find a third Sea Monkey portrait by Travis Louie on flikr.
Meet Abby. Funny thing, this wonderful painting doesn't appear on Louie's fine website: www.travislouie.com
Click here for the other Travis Louie Sea Monkey portraits in our virtual gallery.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Chung strikes again

We've seen The Chung's art here before. He gave us the fantastic Sea Monkey Knife Fight. Now comes The Atomic Sea Monkey Elbow Drop! I love Chung's take on Sea Monkeys. If there is ever a Sea Monkey animated show or feature I hope he'll be considered. Check out his website here: http://chungfortunecookie.blogspot.com/

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sea Monkey Keeper Helps Animal Shelter

I just came across a great article about a very young Sea Monkey keeper doing some real good in her community...
"Most 10-year-old children seek toys and games for their birthdays, but Hailey Harless of Abingdon, Va., wanted something different this year – a better life for animals.
So for her 10th birthday, Hailey gave her parents a special request – that her party invitations include a note telling her friends and family to bring, instead of gifts, items that can be donated to the Washington County, Va., Animal Shelter.

The family now keeps a menagerie of animals: two dogs, Katy and Shadow; two cats, Max and Hallie; a school of guppies; a hermit crab; and until recently, several snails and sea monkeys. "

And please, support your local animal shelter.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sea Monkey Swim Team

I don't know how I didn't catch this one sooner.

There is, in the Ohio communities of South Euclid and Lyndhurst a swim team operating under the name of Sea Monkeys! And they beat a team called The Sharks!

A Sea Monkey beating a shark, who'd a thunk it?

Check out their great Sea Monkey shirts, head gear and that snazzy cake.

I know it gets cold up in Ohio. I wonder how easy it is to raise Sea Monkeys up there.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sea Monkey Fossil

I've posted photos from Worth1000.com before. Their photoshop contests are just amazing. Click here to visit the site and be prepared to lose an hour in the blink of an eye as you scroll through the amazing pictures.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Adorable Knit Plush Sea Monkey

J. Bone, a Toronto based comic book artist, illustrator and crafter started with this great sketch and ended up with the adorable little sea monkey friend you see below, with three eyes...

Who but a true geek would know that in a period of their adolescence Sea Monkeys do indeed have three eyes?
Awesomeness indeed.

Please check out J. Bones website for more great stuff including a Wolverine plush.

Or click here to start on the Sea Monkey page!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spanish Sea Monkey Fan Goes The Extra Mile

Through George Atamian I became aware of a Sea Monkey Fan in Spain who had this great Sea Monkey tattoo done on his leg. I just had to get in touch with him, and with George's help the following correspondence took place...

Hola Felix,
Su tattoo es muey bien.
As you probably noticed, my Spanish is terrible. :) So, for now I'll have to stick to English. But I am studying, so maybe someday I can write you in Spanish! :)

I wanted to put your Tattoo pic on SeaMonkeyGeek.com and I was hoping to include some information about you. If you could answer the following questions that would be wonderful.
Hello, It is an honor for me to do this interview for your wonderful blog, hehe:

How old were you when you first discovered Sea Monkeys?
When I hear talk of the Sea-Monkeys I had 12 years now I have 17 years and still as excited as the first day

How did you first hear about them?
I saw the sea-monkeys for the first time in a cartoon called Rugrats. When I spoke here in Spain of the Sea-Monkeys people said it was a scam, to date I can prove it is not so! hehe

How popular are Sea Monkeys in Spain?
The Sea-Monkeys in Spain are not as popular as in the United States, very few people know the Sea-Monkeys, people here are different, the most highly distrustful

When did you get the tattoo?
I realize the tattoo about a month ago, I was absolutely determined that the Sea-Monkeys are something important enough for me to tattoo.

How do people respond to seeing a baby sea monkey tattoo?
When people see me the tattoo becomes estranged not know very well who is, or may mean

Do you plan on getting any more sea monkeys tattooed on you?
Yes, my next tattoo will be an ocean zoo around the sea-monkey baby hehe.

You are an enthusiastic fan to say the least. What Sea Monkey activities are you involved in? (I heard you were part of an online Sea Monkey Forum?)
I worked in the forum of the official website of Spain, although I would like to collaborate more studies take me a long time

Thank you so much for helping with this post. Is there any else you'd like to say to the Sea Monkey geeks who read this blog?
Yes,I would like to thank all the members of this blog, also to George Atamian, to Amy Holden that is one of my best friends, and please all the fans of the sea-monkeys believe in the dream of Harold Von Braunhut spread happiness among the world's children :D:D

Than kyou for giving this interview and giving me this opportunity to know more fans of sea-monkeys.
Greetings FĂ©lix Retamar ;)

Muchos Gracias Felix.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sorry No New Posts Lately

Hi Sea Monkey Friends.
I was really posting like crazy during the holidays but since then my stand up comedy career has been keeping me really busy and I'm afraid this blog has been neglected. If you're new to the site, there is enough to keep you busy for a good long time. You long time readers, I will get some new stuff up in the next week. Of course I'm always open to hear your suggestions if you have some Sea Monkey news I should be covering hit the comments section. Thanks, Sea Monkey Geek Keith

Monday, January 12, 2009

Liz Phair

Liz Phair is a favorite of mine and her 1993 debut album "Exile in Guyville" is on many "Greatest Albums of All Time" lists.

I was listening to the album in my car as I made the long and scenic drive from Santa Cruz to San Jose recently and I noticed Liz seemed to be singing about Sea Monkeys. I don't know how I'd failed to notice it before. From the song Gunshy:

Sea monkeys, do monkey's
Story of my life
Send three bucks to a comic book
Get a house, car and wife
Send three bucks to a comic book
Get a house, car and wife

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Orleans Sea Monkey Family

After finding this awesome family I decided that it is time to start a new category for Sea Monkey Costumes.

These are great! I'd give extra points if the baby had one, or even three eyes (and YOU get extra points if you're geeky enough to know why.)

I found this at: