Monday, December 22, 2008

Sea Monkey Knife Fight

I'm a HUGE fan of monkey knife fight pictures. Click here to check out this popular genre of art.

Imagine my delight in finding that someone had put two great taste together to create, The Sea Monkey Knife Fight!
The Chung delivers. You can check out more of his awesome art, (which is not always kid friendly or SFW) by visiting


Becky said...

Hi again!
...Today is a sad sea monkeys are gone.. :( Their tank was going really well this morning, they were growing nicely and swimming fast and doing loops and all sorts. I aerated them this morning and they were due to be fed today too, which i was planning to do this evening as i had put the eggs in in the evening 5 days before. But as i walked out of my room one time, i pushed the chair into my desk which caught on the wire for the heat mat behind their tank..and..they tipped over, and all the water spilt out over the desk and my keyboard! :( :S So alas they have all gone to sea monkey heaven. I plan to get some more after new years. I still have the food and Plasma III unopened.
On a brighter note...i never knew there were so many monkey knife fight pics! I'm do a bit of art myself, check it out at Theres no sea monkey art though i'm afraid.
Merry Christmas for 3 days time!

KLJ said...

I'm sorry Becky. That sucks.

I had a similarly bad experience this year when I left my tank in direct sunlight.

Let's both start over in the New Year and this time we'll do great.

Nice art. The lollipop picture was especially cool. If you do decide to do some Sea Monkey art be sure to let us know about it so we add it to our gallery. :)

Happy Holidays.

Becky said...

Thanks. Hey, i have a question for you and you're panel of sea monkey experts. I went on the sea-monkey website and saw that if you need to start over they can send you Packets 1 and 2 free in the post, if you send them the envelope with $3 in. Can this work for posting to the UK if the equivalent in GBP is put in the envelope??

KLJ said...

Sorry to keep you waiting. We wrote to Sea Monkey folks in England and are awaiting their response. :)

Lady Meerkat said...

I'm hearing Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' for this pic ;)