Monday, December 8, 2008

Sea Monkeys Shall Save The Planet

Sea Monkeys Shall Save The Planet?!!!

I know what you're saying:

"That is one nonsensical headline SMG."

Oh, you think so do you?

"Yes. Yes I do."

Well, fine then smart guy look at THIS:

So, too lazy to read the full article eh? Okay, let me give you the long and short of it then. Algae has high concentrations of great oil, suitable for bio-diesel but it is very difficult to harvest. Our Sea Monkey friends eat algae. Their waste is easy to harvest and it too is high in the oil, providing they've been well fed. The Sea Monkeys get lots of good eats, we get bio-diesel, all is happy.

Not really as bio-diesel is still a combustion based fuel but give it time. I'm sure the Sea Monkeys are working on it.

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