Sunday, December 14, 2008

Damn Those Tabloid Gossips!

This picture is sure gonna stir up some trouble in the Sea Monkey household.

Just what is Mama Sea Monkey doing with that hunky playboy Aqua-Man?

I, of course, have no doubt that they're just friends, though it wouldn't surprise me if Mama Sea Monkey had to spend quite a bit of energy fighting off this sea-dawg's advances.

This threatens to be the worst scandal to plague the world of fictional aquatic characters since Papa Sea Monkey was caught in the Octopus' Garden with the Little Mermaid.

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Becky said...

Hehe..well let's just hope that her slightly round belly is either a) her pose, or b) a bit of a late night Plasma feast and not because of Aqua man! I can't wait for my sea monkeys to come through. I've ordered the Ghostly Galleon set, they should come 15th-18th this month :) I really want to make these ones live at least a year! Nice blog.

KLJ said...

Good luck Becky.
I hear tell of a biologist that has kept a colony of Sea Monkeys going for many years.
I will try to get an interview with him with some advice for the rest of us.

Aquaman Sea Monkey babies would be PRETTY cool.