Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Meeting the Sea Monkey Gang

I'm heading to LA on Friday where I'll have dinner with the president and COO of Educational Insights' Sea Monkey division as well as the producer who is developing the Sea Monkey animated movie.
I'm bring back lots of pics and stories I'm sure.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Perfect Pet

Another blogger discovering the joy of Sea Monkeys. Click here to visit Unplug Your Kids as the blogger introduces her kids to what may be "The Perfect Pet."

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

No Sea Monkeys at BYU?!

I found information that BYU does not allow Sea Monkeys in their dorms.

Click here
to read it and weep.

Should we start a petition? Should we insist Sea Monkeys be given special consideration within the BYU rules?

Sure there are likely many folks keeping Sea Monkeys anyway. I have no doubt there's a thriving Sea Monkey underground, living like sewer rats, always looking over their shoulder, obsessed with every breath about staying beneath the radar, shunning the daylight, but Sea Monkeys love sunshine! They can't be shut up in a closet!

And who more than the devotees of Bringham Young should appreciate these little guys WHO LIVE IN THE SALT LAKE, as in Salt Lake City, HELLO! Imagine, discriminating against the indigenous creatures who kept life going in Salt Lake City when no-one else could! The nerve of some people...

I look foward to a day when Sea Monkeys can openly and proudly swim about their little tanks in the dorm rooms of BYU, in fact, I won't be satisfied until a Sea Monkey graduates from BYU. Heck (sorry about the language, but I feel very strongly) why stop there?...
I see a Sea Monkey as Dean, as UniversityPresident as... HEAD CHEERLEADER OF THE BYU COUGARS CHEERLEADING SQUAD!!! Than and only then will I be satisfied that BYU has achieved diversity.

Big thanks to Patrick for his photo-enhancement.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sea Monkeys and Futurama Comics

Click Images to enlarge
I was a big fan of Futurama and was sad to see it taken off the air. I'm now very excited to hear that it's coming back on Comedy Central.

The animated TV show spawned a monthly (now quarterly) comic book and the very 1st issue in November of 2000 featured our beloved Sea Monkeys.

In this premier issue "Monkey Sea, Monkey Doom!" an old lunch box from the 2oth century is discovered and in it are some old comics.

Coming across an ad for Sea Monkeys Fry is reminded of how much he wanted to order them when he was younger.

At "Shitfy's True Wonders of The 20th Century Emporium he finds some but sadly, they do not exactly spring to life, at least not until after he disposes of them by tossing them into a vat of Gamma Radiation.

Dr. Zoidberg finds the newly irradiated and now very much alive critters and all is happy as the monkeys grow...

and grow...

and grow...



And of course there is a funny surprise ending but I won't ruin it for you here. The issue is very hard to find, in fact my favorite comics supplier has been trying to get if for me for a couple of months now and so far, nada. There is a trade paperback that has issues 1 through 4. I haven't tried to find that yet, but may go after it next.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kiny's Super Sea Monkey Photos

I had a Sea Monkey Party for National Sea Monkey Day & Kiny came with her super amazing kids, Nolan & Aiden.

Every kid left the party with a Sea Monkey kit and since Kiny is a very talented photographer we were rewarded with some great pictures.

So scroll down and enjoy, or click here to see the gallery in it's entirety at picasa.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Update, alls well

My guys are doing GREAT. Fed the taller tank this morning. It's chock full of big sea monkeys.
In the morning, when I first get to work they swim around upside down on the floor of the tank. I'll hit up my panel of experts to find out just what that is all about. None of them are growing antlers yet so it'll be a bit before I have breeders. The baby tank is doing alright. I'm holding back on feeding and the water is clearing up. I'll probably feed a tiny bit tomorrow.
Check back soon for some really great macro-photographs from my friend Kiny.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Sea Monkeys on American Dad

I hope I don't lose any readers with this, but I am NOT a fan of American Dad. It isn't as awful as Family Guy, but that's not really a compliment. Nevertheless, as a tireless catologuer of all things Sea Monkey, I bring you this youtube clip of Roger The Alien from Americna Dad hatching Sea Monkeys.

A Brand New Home

Click image to enlarge
So here you see my nursery, it's full of happy Sea Monkeys. Well, maybe slightly overweight Sea Monkeys. I have over fed a bit, or so it would seem from the green water. But look at the nice clear water in the new tank, the taller blue one.

I added packet one to the bigger tank yesterday and having waited 24 hours, I just now moved a few of my larger Monkeys into their new, more spacious home. Using the purple aqua-leash I moved five of them over and if they seem healthy and happy on Monday, I'll move more over.

Notice the two blue folded pieces of paper on top of the nursery. This is to allow air flow while keeping dust from settling in the tank. I work in a dusty place.

Notice the grey speaker wire. the speaker is just to the right of the tanks. The Sea Monkeys enjoy Motorhead, Queen, The Shins and The Talking Heads. Not so crazy about 311, or so I tell the dude in my office who always tries to get me to play them.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Awesome Sea Monkey Poem

Yep, I said Sea Monkey Poem, Awesome Sea Monkey Poem even. And I say it with full knowledge that this will sound as ridiculous as "Really Great Battlestar Galactica Fan Fiction" to most folks, but I challenge you naysayers, read the damn poem. It's fantastic. Oh, and because I'm a good and conscientious webmaster, I found the poem here.

By Dale Dobson

This pool, this salty shrine,
This place from whence all good things come –
This is my home.

Like all of you, I bask and breed
And swim from day to day;
I juggle eggs and food,
Absorb the sunlight when I can,
And rarely take the time to think and brood
Upon that larger world,
This gulf ‘twixt shrimp and man.

But now, at last, I rise to speech and action,
Driven by injustice grave and dark.
For evil doth intrude upon our tranquil pond,
And must no longer pass thus unremarked.

“Sea Monkeys,” humans say, and in so doing,
Ignorance and carelessness display.
This salt pool is no “sea” by any means;
No primate lineage informs our genes;
‘Tis slavery and bondage, cloaked in play!

Are we to idly paddle by and laugh,
While yet our precious nauplii are hatched
Into the tanks of strangers cold?
As schoolboy’s entertainment bought and sold?
To bony-toothed ichthyoids a midnight snack?

If we allow this exploitation still,
Invertebrates we are in name and will!
Branchiopoda sullied by this shame –
Inaction undeserving of the name!

My sisters!
Let us swim en masse as one!
The flaming carapace of justice be our sun!
And death by anaerobia
Or toilet flushed
Not death at all; cryptobiosis true,
Our secret weapon, lets us rise anew!

Hello? Hello?
Will any honest sister here tonight
Help mount this battle? Join this sturm und drang?
Is this thing on?
Will anybody brave this fight?
Where have you gone?
Well, dang.

* as in Sea Monkey

Dale Dobson writes, animates and acts in the metropolitan Detroit area, and occasionally gets around to updating His work has recently appeared online at Yankee Pot Roast, Opium, National Lampoon, and in The Wittenburg Door.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Hey hey, it's the Sea Monkees

The Sea-Monkees by Robert Rini

Yep, it's another great Sea Monkey themed painting from 7 Deadly Sinners. You can check out more from this group at As always, click the image to enlarge.
I am going to have to see if my sponsors will put up some Sea Monkey merch as a prize to generate some more Sea Monkey Art. Hmmm. Watch for more on this idea soon.