Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Update, alls well

My guys are doing GREAT. Fed the taller tank this morning. It's chock full of big sea monkeys.
In the morning, when I first get to work they swim around upside down on the floor of the tank. I'll hit up my panel of experts to find out just what that is all about. None of them are growing antlers yet so it'll be a bit before I have breeders. The baby tank is doing alright. I'm holding back on feeding and the water is clearing up. I'll probably feed a tiny bit tomorrow.
Check back soon for some really great macro-photographs from my friend Kiny.


Brian said...

I have a tank that I started in December and it is still going! I have 3 adults only but they are all healthy and enjoying some major algae...

KLJ said...

Thanks man. And hey, I WILL get your product review up soon I promise (assuming you're that Brian). Sorry I haven't gotten it posted yet.