Tuesday, June 19, 2007

No Sea Monkeys at BYU?!

I found information that BYU does not allow Sea Monkeys in their dorms.

Click here
to read it and weep.

Should we start a petition? Should we insist Sea Monkeys be given special consideration within the BYU rules?

Sure there are likely many folks keeping Sea Monkeys anyway. I have no doubt there's a thriving Sea Monkey underground, living like sewer rats, always looking over their shoulder, obsessed with every breath about staying beneath the radar, shunning the daylight, but Sea Monkeys love sunshine! They can't be shut up in a closet!

And who more than the devotees of Bringham Young should appreciate these little guys WHO LIVE IN THE SALT LAKE, as in Salt Lake City, HELLO! Imagine, discriminating against the indigenous creatures who kept life going in Salt Lake City when no-one else could! The nerve of some people...

I look foward to a day when Sea Monkeys can openly and proudly swim about their little tanks in the dorm rooms of BYU, in fact, I won't be satisfied until a Sea Monkey graduates from BYU. Heck (sorry about the language, but I feel very strongly) why stop there?...
I see a Sea Monkey as Dean, as UniversityPresident as... HEAD CHEERLEADER OF THE BYU COUGARS CHEERLEADING SQUAD!!! Than and only then will I be satisfied that BYU has achieved diversity.

Big thanks to Patrick for his photo-enhancement.


Mom Unplugged said...

This is so funny! I love the new cheerleader!

danmet! said...

Who will be the Rosa Parks of the Sea Monkey civil rights movement? When will this injustice end???


dean said...

nice looking students. ;)