Friday, June 8, 2007

A Brand New Home

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So here you see my nursery, it's full of happy Sea Monkeys. Well, maybe slightly overweight Sea Monkeys. I have over fed a bit, or so it would seem from the green water. But look at the nice clear water in the new tank, the taller blue one.

I added packet one to the bigger tank yesterday and having waited 24 hours, I just now moved a few of my larger Monkeys into their new, more spacious home. Using the purple aqua-leash I moved five of them over and if they seem healthy and happy on Monday, I'll move more over.

Notice the two blue folded pieces of paper on top of the nursery. This is to allow air flow while keeping dust from settling in the tank. I work in a dusty place.

Notice the grey speaker wire. the speaker is just to the right of the tanks. The Sea Monkeys enjoy Motorhead, Queen, The Shins and The Talking Heads. Not so crazy about 311, or so I tell the dude in my office who always tries to get me to play them.

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