Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sea Monkey Keeper Helps Animal Shelter

I just came across a great article about a very young Sea Monkey keeper doing some real good in her community...
"Most 10-year-old children seek toys and games for their birthdays, but Hailey Harless of Abingdon, Va., wanted something different this year – a better life for animals.
So for her 10th birthday, Hailey gave her parents a special request – that her party invitations include a note telling her friends and family to bring, instead of gifts, items that can be donated to the Washington County, Va., Animal Shelter.

The family now keeps a menagerie of animals: two dogs, Katy and Shadow; two cats, Max and Hallie; a school of guppies; a hermit crab; and until recently, several snails and sea monkeys. "

And please, support your local animal shelter.

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