Sunday, March 16, 2008

Q and A, My Sea Monkeys have not appeared?

Melissa left the following comment on my last blog post:

Um Hi... My name is Melissa and I just bought sea monkeys... I'm not sure if it worked or not I waiting 24 hours and put the eggs in but nothing's there.... does it take a while to see them??

I replied by e-mail: After 24 hours the Sea Monkeys can be hard to see, but they also can take longer than 14 hours to appear when it's cold out. I've attached a chart that will advise you on how long you might have to wait. If you follow the instructions, wait the time recommended on the chart, and they still don't appear let me know.

Click image to enlarge


Melissa Lynn said...

Hi it's Melissa again.. =-] My sea monkeys finally are there. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy they are TINY. But they are there. I do believe there are three of them.

KLJ said...

Hi Melissa. I'm glad you see 'em.
Be careful to aerate your tank every day as they will need oxygen, don't over feed, and keep the tank out of direct sunlight which could over heat and deplete oxygen.
I'm guessing you'll see more soon.