Friday, May 4, 2007

TMCM meets The Sea Monkeys

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It was in the pages of comic books that the earliest fans of Sea Monkeys were introduced to the hobby that for some became an obsession which often causes other adults to look at you funny (and with maybe a touch of sympathy.) So it seems appropriate that todays comics would want to feature Sea Monkeys.

For me its win, win. I love comic books, the indy ones like Too Much Coffee Man especially. I was thrilled when my friend Carl informed me that TMCM had himself a Sea Monkey adventure.

Our caffeinated hero decides to fill his bathtub up with Sea Monkeys. When he accidentally falls in, he discovers he has created a whole under water world. And he soon finds himself in hot water under water.

You can read the whole adventure and plenty more for free at To start at the beginning of the Sea Monkey issue just click here.

And as long as we're on the subject, other comic book artists I enjoy are Daniel Clowes, Jeffrey Brown, Robert Crumb, Chester Brown, Los Bros Hernandez and many more. Of course not all their work is appropriate for all ages.

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