Monday, May 5, 2008

Disney's "Fun"

Terry Zwigoff to have Fun
Disney is in pre-production on a film tentatively titled FUN which may feature some great Sea Monkey action. The premise is that two friends buy all manner of Comic book advertised goodies, X-Ray Specs, Sea-Monkeys etc. and thirty years later the products magically start living up to the advertising claims. The two friends then must deal with the ensuing chaos.
I'm thinking we may see some CGI Sea Monkey families.
The most exciting thing for me is that Terry Zwigoff (Crumb, Ghost World, Bad Santa) has already been attached as the director. Zwigoff has a deep love of comics and I think he'll bring an understanding to the film that just might make it work if Disney stays out of his way.

If this film happens, it could be the best thing to happen to Sea Monkeys in decades. Disney can at times live up to their evil-empire image but they also have the power to quite effectively plug in to the mass consciousness. You can't go to an aquarium now without hearing kids name off the characters from Finding Nemo as they pass the blue tangs and the clown fish, etc.
My hope is that we get anthropomorphic Sea Monkeys that are mischievous and prolific.

I'm crossing my fingers and making a wish that we see this project move from pre-production to production.


juan said...

great! , any other recent films where sea monkeys have been on?

Sea Monkey Geek said...

I have found plenty of comic book, music and TV references, but I haven't found too many movie references. Hmmm? I'll keep looking for 'em.

juan said...

hey sea monkey geek, I wanted to ask you something on IM, could you please add me so I can chat with you? Thanks!
P.S.: --It's nothing personal, it's about sea monkeys-- :)


Sea Monkey Geek said...

I emailed you from my gmail account, the only im/chat type thing that I use.

radiobunny said...

What a great idea for a movie!
I would totally go see it.