Tuesday, May 13, 2008

X-Ray Specs

Amazing X-Ray Specs. Wow. So Much coolness for only ONE DOLLAR!
It's amazing and it came from the same mind that brought us Sea Monkeys.

Harold Von Braunhut, a wild character to be sure, marketed these little novelties through comic book ads just like his "Instant Life" and like instant life, once you got over the disappointment and embarrassment of being had you might discover how fun these items really were, even if they didn't let you see through the neighbor girl's clothes or lord over your own aquatic anthropomorphic simian civilization.

If you could believe in the possibility of x-ray vision enough to spend a dollar (and wait 6-8 weeks) then perhaps the girls at school would believe it enough to be a bit nervous or a-lot nervous around you. The more convincing your acting as you ooed and awed while leering at them and wearing the specs the better the response. And looking at the schoolyard bully's crotch while laughing hysterically was almost worth the beating you'd eventually receive.

Ah the bizarre mind of Harold Von Braunhut. I'm currently putting together funding for a documentary film on this amazing man to be completed in the Summer of 2009. Sea Monkeys (and Sea Monkey fans) will of course receive serious coverage in my documentary.

Click the image below for a full page of comic book ads including Sea Monkeys and X-Ray Specs.

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