Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Sea Monkey Movie?

I found this article claiming a Sea-Monkey movie was in pre-production with Jim Carrey slated to play the lead. Could this be true? I checked Carrey's page at IMDB and also did and IMDB search for Sea-Monkeys but found no mention of the film.
A Google News search only turned up the one site I'd already found. Hmmm?
I then took one more look at the original article and noticed a link labeled "Source: Get the FULL story HERE!"
Go ahead click it. :)
Today is my favorite holiday.


lilly piri said...

Did you ever get to see this show?
It was called 'Amazing Live Seamonkeys' http://youtube.com/watch?v=fzs_8JDfsdo

Sea Monkey Geek said...

Yep. If you hit the link on the right side of my page "Sea Monkeys In Popular Culture" you'll see my write up of this fine show.