Thursday, April 3, 2008

Monkeys on the Bottom of The Tank

On Monday I noticed that my tank of Sea-Monkeys looked empty of Sea-Monkeys. On closer inspection I spotted my pets at the bottom of the tank. They were all furiously swimming downward, not a single one of them swimming about.

They looked healthy and active. The water was clear. I oxygenated, moved them to better light, and always they went right back to the bottom. I wrote George Atamian at Sea Monkey central and after asking if today was feeding day, it was, he gave it his best guess:

"I think what happened is that the more insoluble & denser food components head straight for the bottom, while other components either float on top or dissolve.

The particles that went to the bottom gradually break up and that is what the little folks are grubbing for on the bottom.

Watch for this the next time that you feed them, OK?"

Yesterday, Wednesday, was feeding day again and George was right. While the reaction was less extreme this time, the Sea-Monkeys did mostly gather at the bottom of the tanks. Mystery solved. Thanks George.

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