Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kyle Machlachlan, mad Sea Monkey warlord?

I dig Kyle Maclachlan. He first came to my attention as a sweetly sincere, chicken walking Bud man in the delightfully weird David Lynch film Blue Velvet. He continued to work with Lynch and was equally wonderful as the overly enthusiastic detective on Twin Peaks. Show Girls was his best performance and he single handedly pushed that movie over the line into "fascinatingly strange" territory allowing it to escape the "just plain bad" or "utter train wreck" territories.

I was pleased to see his name show up in a blog search for sea monkey references. Maclachlan, now classing up the small screen with appearances on Desperate Housewives is quoted as saying of his love for Sea Monkeys:
“It’s a childhood hobby I’ve never grown out of. Soon I’ll have a sea monkey army to rival any in history. And then I’ll take over the world”

Of course I don't consider one blog a reliable source, and now I shall have to seek an interview with Mr. Maclachlan himself. Anyone know Kyle Maclachlan's cell phone number?

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Jesus Budda said...

You like Sea Monkey's a bit too much.
In answer to the question you left on www.CELEBATHON.blogspot.com ,we got this quote direct from the horses mouth.