Monday, August 20, 2007

Chinese Toy Scare not affecting Sea Monkeys

Are you safe buying Sea Monkeys? After all they do come in little plastic tanks with lots of plastic parts. Well, you don't have to worry. Sea Monkey accessories do NOT come from any of the plants that are currently involved in toy recalls. George Atamian assures us at that we're in the clear:

"All of our Sea-Monkey pouches are totally formulated and packaged in America by the inventors and creators of this wonderful & loved brand. Every batch of thse special powders are tested by our PhD expert with 45 years experience studying and analyzing all aspects of the Sea-Monkeys.

We make more than 100,000 tanks and sets in the USA and more in a factory in China with which I have personally dealt with, visited and inspected several times in the 12 years I have been associated with Sea-Monkeys.

We not only keep the lead out, but we constantly test for all heavy metals and other potentially hazardous contaminants.

My goal, and that of our world-wide dedicated Sea-Monkey team, is to provide you with a wonderful & joyous experience as you bring your Sea-Monkey pets to life and take good care of them over the years.
I wish you all health and happiness and remember…ALWAYS BE KIND TO YOUR SALTY SEA-MONKEY PALS!

Cordially Yours, George C. Atamian
Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys®
Rancho Dominguez, CA USA"

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