Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sea Monkey Mating Instructions

EHow.com is a great site where you can learn to do just about anything. But, I can not recommend this site to Sea Monkeys wanting to learn about love sweet love.
Their article on Sea Monkey Mating is, as should be clear by it's title alone, cold, academic and completely lacking in romance. Sea Monkeys, please, remember to use a little tenderness, and maybe a little Cupid's Arrow Sea-Monkey Mating Powder (c) as well.


Brian Jonson said...

Nice to see this site active again!

KLJ said...

Thanks. I took some time off due to the business of a new baby and it was also good to let some new Sea Monkey news and art pile up as I was running short! Lots of cool stuff coming in the next couple of months. Enjoy!