Wednesday, August 13, 2008

German Sea Monkey Ad

Click the pic for full size.
Later, when I have time, I'll run the text through a translator because the highly inaccurate translations are always good for a a laugh.


lilly piri said...

Haha. I knew those german lessons would one day pay off. Here is my (mangled) translation:

Now at a great advertising price
The wonderful world of instant life.
Super Sea Monkeys.

Living Sea Monkeys to make yourself!

From now on only 5 DM. Ideal for Children.
Experience the wonder of nature at a one time price of only 5 DM. A hobby for the whole family - Living Seamonkeys out of a bag, unbelievable but true! Through a wonder of nature you yourself can wake these funny water clowns. From SM powder, that you empty into the water, arises life, breathing animals. Males, Females and Babies. They swim and play with each other. A magnificent hobby. Fun and entertainment for all. All that you need for only 5 DM. Includes Sea Monkey book. No Tricks. Sea monkeys lives guaranteed.

Order now!

KLJ said...

Awesome. Thank you. This will make the auto-translator version that much funnier.:)

CAB said...

Hey sea monkey geek - you commented on my blog quite awhile ago when we had just acquired some comet goldfish and you offered some "unsolicited advice" which I enjoyed reading.

I'm wondering if you have more? go and read and help if you can, please!

CAB said...

thanks for the suggestion on the milk mess -

before this happened we had a brownish tinge to the water that we just can't seem to get rid of - any ideas?

Sea Monkey Geek said...

You mentioned on my blog that you have a brown tinge. Most likely algae.
Make sure you clean the algae from the glass using a special sponge from your aquarium supply shop.
To cut back on the algae in the water cut back on light that the tank gets. There are cheap timers that are great for this. If your tank gets a lot of natural light (NO direct light I hope) you might consider moving it, or pulling the blinds for parts of the day.
Light = algae.

Of course using a good filter and not over feeding will reduce the algae as well.
And you might consider some live plants. Anacharis is a cheap option and is available at most aquarium shops.

Good luck. :)