Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spanish Sea Monkey Fan Goes The Extra Mile

Through George Atamian I became aware of a Sea Monkey Fan in Spain who had this great Sea Monkey tattoo done on his leg. I just had to get in touch with him, and with George's help the following correspondence took place...

Hola Felix,
Su tattoo es muey bien.
As you probably noticed, my Spanish is terrible. :) So, for now I'll have to stick to English. But I am studying, so maybe someday I can write you in Spanish! :)

I wanted to put your Tattoo pic on and I was hoping to include some information about you. If you could answer the following questions that would be wonderful.
Hello, It is an honor for me to do this interview for your wonderful blog, hehe:

How old were you when you first discovered Sea Monkeys?
When I hear talk of the Sea-Monkeys I had 12 years now I have 17 years and still as excited as the first day

How did you first hear about them?
I saw the sea-monkeys for the first time in a cartoon called Rugrats. When I spoke here in Spain of the Sea-Monkeys people said it was a scam, to date I can prove it is not so! hehe

How popular are Sea Monkeys in Spain?
The Sea-Monkeys in Spain are not as popular as in the United States, very few people know the Sea-Monkeys, people here are different, the most highly distrustful

When did you get the tattoo?
I realize the tattoo about a month ago, I was absolutely determined that the Sea-Monkeys are something important enough for me to tattoo.

How do people respond to seeing a baby sea monkey tattoo?
When people see me the tattoo becomes estranged not know very well who is, or may mean

Do you plan on getting any more sea monkeys tattooed on you?
Yes, my next tattoo will be an ocean zoo around the sea-monkey baby hehe.

You are an enthusiastic fan to say the least. What Sea Monkey activities are you involved in? (I heard you were part of an online Sea Monkey Forum?)
I worked in the forum of the official website of Spain, although I would like to collaborate more studies take me a long time

Thank you so much for helping with this post. Is there any else you'd like to say to the Sea Monkey geeks who read this blog?
Yes,I would like to thank all the members of this blog, also to George Atamian, to Amy Holden that is one of my best friends, and please all the fans of the sea-monkeys believe in the dream of Harold Von Braunhut spread happiness among the world's children :D:D

Than kyou for giving this interview and giving me this opportunity to know more fans of sea-monkeys.
Greetings FĂ©lix Retamar ;)

Muchos Gracias Felix.