Monday, December 29, 2008

The Bumpkins

The Bumpkins are an Italian punk rock band and they have a great tune called SeaMonkey. Click here to hear the song on their myspace page.

Sea Monkey (lyrics)
I'm a Sea monkey
I Jump into the water
and I grow up quickly for you

I'm a Sea Monkey
I just need something to eat
the chaos can't kill me

I don't know why children play with me
I don't know why children love me

I'm a Sea Monkey
Children will forget me
and my life will change

If I'm a toy
I don't need to eat
even if I'm hungry and tired

I don't know why children play with me
I don't know why children love me
I don't know why children forget me
I don't know why I was born here

The bumpkins contacted the Sea Monkey Geek via my myspace page and I had a chance to ask them some questions:

Sea Monkey Geek: Can you tell me a little about what inspired you to write the song?
Also, I'd love to know, how popular and well known are Sea Monkeys in Italy?

The Bumpkins: "Well, sea monkeys were popular in the 70's and 80's thanks to advertisement on magazines. Now no one knows what sea monkeys are and finding a place which sells them is very difficult. However a friend of mine (that is older than me) talked to me about sea monkeys as a cult toy. He said that when he was a child (in the 80s) all the children wanted to have sea monkeys, in spite of the fact that they were considered trash.

The few that bought them usually forgot to feed them and let them die. So I wanted to write a song about something that was funny and serious at the same time. We are animal rights activist and this is our way to say it (you should know that in Italy every year a lot of pets are abandoned). Our friends find it funny and probably this song will be published on a punk compilation."

They also sent me this very cool Italian Sea Monkey ad. I laughed reading that "they were considered trash." When I was young my grandmother insisted that Sea Monkey were just little bits of paper that floated around in the water. Funny stuff.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sea Monkey Ornaments

Veruka Dolls Land helps us come through with a Christmas themed post with these very cool Sea Monkey Ornaments.

Of course I'd also love to see some Sea Monkey Christmas photos and illustrations dear reader(s).
There IS a comments section.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Glorious Santa Clause Festival, and all applicable greeting and well wishes.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sea Monkey Knife Fight

I'm a HUGE fan of monkey knife fight pictures. Click here to check out this popular genre of art.

Imagine my delight in finding that someone had put two great taste together to create, The Sea Monkey Knife Fight!
The Chung delivers. You can check out more of his awesome art, (which is not always kid friendly or SFW) by visiting

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sea Monkeys On The Beach

I'm assuming these were custom made. I have never seen a Sea Monkey bathing suit hanging on the rack at any of the shops around these parts.

The photo comes from but I have been unable to find any information on it at all.

Anybody who has any information, please, leave a comment.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sea Monkey Specimen is a great site that is like the Olympics of photo-shopping. bpkelsey contributed this great image for a surf and turf contest. You can check out more entries here:

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Damn Those Tabloid Gossips!

This picture is sure gonna stir up some trouble in the Sea Monkey household.

Just what is Mama Sea Monkey doing with that hunky playboy Aqua-Man?

I, of course, have no doubt that they're just friends, though it wouldn't surprise me if Mama Sea Monkey had to spend quite a bit of energy fighting off this sea-dawg's advances.

This threatens to be the worst scandal to plague the world of fictional aquatic characters since Papa Sea Monkey was caught in the Octopus' Garden with the Little Mermaid.

This photo found at;

Friday, December 12, 2008

Do Not Drink The Sea Monkeys

I'd say that is an important thing to do every day.
This was just a silly picture that made me laugh. I found it here:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fantastic Sea Monkey Art by Dulemba

I can't believe I didn't find this piece earlier. What a wonderful new addition to my Sea Monkey Art Gallery.

Elizabeth D. Dulemba is a very talented children's book author and illustrator. Unfortunately I don't think her playful, fish riding Sea Monkeys are featured in a book, but wouldn't that be fun?
Check her out at

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sea Monkeys Shall Save The Planet

Sea Monkeys Shall Save The Planet?!!!

I know what you're saying:

"That is one nonsensical headline SMG."

Oh, you think so do you?

"Yes. Yes I do."

Well, fine then smart guy look at THIS:

So, too lazy to read the full article eh? Okay, let me give you the long and short of it then. Algae has high concentrations of great oil, suitable for bio-diesel but it is very difficult to harvest. Our Sea Monkey friends eat algae. Their waste is easy to harvest and it too is high in the oil, providing they've been well fed. The Sea Monkeys get lots of good eats, we get bio-diesel, all is happy.

Not really as bio-diesel is still a combustion based fuel but give it time. I'm sure the Sea Monkeys are working on it.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Over Heard in Minneapolis

I love these "Overheard In" sites.

Most of them are modeled after Overheard in New York which was started by Michael Malice.

Michael Malice's life story is chronicled in the brilliant graphic novel Ego and Hubris by Harvey Pekar of American Splendor fame.

So, we've taken it back to graphic novels, which are really just inflated comic books and comic books are where Sea Monkeys were first popularized.

Overheard to Malice to Pekar to Comics to Sea Monkeys; That is one flimsy connection. Is the Sea Monkey Geek getting that desperate for content? Of course not:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Some Fun from London

Sea Monkey headquarters apparently stumbled across this very cool post: Click here to read.

It seems this avid comic fan had lost his aquatic friends after over feeding them.

The best part was the reply sent to the comic book loving blogger from Sea Monkey Central:

Dear Dom: Read your sad blog about the passing over of your Sea-Monkeys®.

They do not actually die but they time travel in a non-corporeal state, leaving their empty ectoderm behind.

As you know, they are telepathic and come into our world to beam images and seminal thoughts into our minds regarding the state of the world environment and the oceans.

They probably felt that you were receiving the messages so they left and returned to the vast & secret undersea world where they rule.

Please send me your mailing address and phone number and I will send you a new set for you to start another band of telepaths.


Loved the little shrine and thank you for the kind words about Sea-Monkeys®

Adios, G

That George. He is the best. I love that he DOES NOT, ever write the word Sea Monkeys without the ® to protect the trademark. Very cool.